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Changes coming to Northwind for the 2017-2018 season

05/07/2017, 7:45pm CDT
By Robert Turpin

The 2016-17 year at Northwind was our most successful season to date! We had girls and boys teams playing at the highest levels and our soccer development was never stronger. We are an elite club and a destination for some of the best young soccer talent in Chicago.

We expect an even better year in 2017-18, and have made some note-worthy changes to ensure that happens:

  • Our professional staff will now take the lead in the game coaching as well as their traditional roles in leading training sessions. As such, our professional staff will take on the role of head coach for each of our teams.
  • We are adding three technical directors to help ensure that players are progressing through our player development model. The technical directors will work closely with Robert Turpin, Director of Coaching, to monitor players within their age groupings.

    Here are the technical directors for 2017-2018:
    U13-U19: Herve “H” Diese
    U10-U12: Doug Lopez
    U8-U9: Tom Roe
  • To better reflect the competitive levels of Northwind teams, we will be moving away from the blue and white team designations next season. Instead, we will identify Northwind teams as Elite, Premier, and Select.

    Elite - used in connection with a few Northwind teams playing at or near the highest level in their age division starting at age U15.

    Premier - require a very high commitment level and will generally be the highest-level team playing at a particular age level.

    Select - will still require a high level of commitment, but will be playing in a lower division than Premier teams.

Northwind is very excited about these changes to our club, and will continue to focus on ways to improve the soccer experience for all our players.

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